Electric Vehicle Dealer near Littleton, CO

Electric Vehicle Dealer

Looking for an EV (electric vehicle)? Well, you’ve got a number of great options. As each manufacturer continues to bring new models to market, this new automotive frontier will continue to grow. Here at Genesis of Littleton, we’ve got some great EV options of our own.

Interested in learning more? Read on as we explore our inventory and expertise as an electric vehicle dealer near Littleton, Colorado!

The Genesis EV Lineup

Electric Vehicle DealerOver recent months, Genesis has brought a number of impressive electric vehicles to market. Situated within the luxury vehicle class, the Genesis electric lineup blends excellent electric efficiency with indulgent interiors that prioritize the passengers inside.


First up, we’ve got the Genesis GV60, an impressive crossover SUV that’s large enough for storing necessary gear on the weekends while also compact enough to fit into tight downtown parking spots.

Electrified G80

The Electrified G80 is a large sedan that comes ready to take your driving experience over the top. Dressed to the nines on the inside and out, this model will surely turn heads on both the commute and date night.

Electrified GV70

If you’re on the hunt for something family friendly, the Electrified Genesis GV70 could be an excellent option. This model’s cavernous cabin will keep the kiddos quite comfortable in the back, whether you’re dropping them off at practice or are out on a longer road trip.

Financing an EV

If you decide that one of these electric vehicles is a good fit for you and your driving needs, financing will be your next step. Sitting down with one of our experienced financers, you’ll work on putting together a payment plan with ideal terms and conditions. This will ultimately allow you to head off the lot behind the wheel of your new EV.

Charge Up and Check Out Littleton, CO

Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas have a ton of charging stations, so you’ll be able to explore with peace of mind. Boy, is there plenty to explore! From local parks and mountains to downtown Denver, CO, and its exciting restaurant scene, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

Electric Vehicle Service near Littleton, CO

Electric Vehicle DealerAs you continue to explore, you’ll find that we’re here to help you get the most out of your EV at our service center. From minor maintenance to major repairs, we’ll provide efficient and effective automotive care.

When you do need to bring in your electric vehicle, just schedule an appointment, and then drop off your EV. Then, our trained technicians will get down to work.

Where Is There an Electric Vehicle Dealer near Littleton, CO?

Hopefully, if you’ve been searching for an electric vehicle dealer near Littleton, Colorado, you’ll turn to our team here at Genesis of Littleton. With our inventory and expertise, we’re quite confident we can help you get behind the wheel of an EV you love.

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