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We’ve all been there a dozen times before. The tire pressure light stares at you from your dashboard. Despite filling your tire with air just a day ago, the tire pressure light makes its return. What does this mean for you? Chances are it means you’re in need of a tire repair.

Luckily for you, Genesis of Littleton is just a short drive away. Staffed with a team of Genesis-certified technicians, we can quickly get you back to cruising the town. So, if you’ve been Googling tire repair near me, keep reading to see how we can help!

Signs You Need a Tire Repair

If it seems you’re constantly filling your tire with air, that’s a good sign that your tire needs a repair. Chances are, while commuting to and from work, a sharp object—like a nail, glass, or construction material—punctured your tire without you knowing.

The object could be stuck in your tire or not. Either way, the seal of your tire breaks when punctured and allows for air to slowly escape.

How is a Tire Repaired?

A tire is repaired typically using a plug and a patch. A patch is a mushroom-shaped piece that gets inserted into the puncture. This seals the inside of your tire to prevent air from leaking out the puncture. A plug is then inserted into the puncture itself to prevent moisture from entering the puncture and causing damage to the tire cords.

While these parts are sometimes used independent of one another, the only way to ensure the longevity of your tire is to use them together.

Repair vs Replace: Things to Know

While the patch and plug combination is a fast and effective way of repairing your tire, not every puncture can be repaired. Only the skilled eye of a trained mechanic can determine whether a tire repair or replacement is necessary.

To determine which is the best course of action, they’ll check for the following:

  • Size of puncture: Any punctures under one-quarter of an inch in diameter can be repaired. Any damage over one-quarter isn’t repairable, so the tire must be replaced.
  • Location of puncture: Where the puncture is in your tire affects whether it can be repaired or replaced. If the puncture is in the tread, it likely can be repaired. If the puncture occurs in the sidewall, it must be replaced.
  • Number of punctures: Anything more than one puncture in your tire means that it cannot be repaired, regardless of size or location.

In the event that your tire cannot be repaired and must be replaced, our on-site tire center is here to help you equip your Genesis model with the right tire for your luxury model.

Get Back on the Road Today

When your tire pressure light is constantly staring at you from the dashboard, don’t waste your time searching tire repair near me. Instead, head over to our tire repair center for quick service. With the help of our Genesis-certified technicians, you’ll be back on the road in no time at all.

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